At a depth of 34 meters off the coast of Naxos, approximately half a nautical mile from the coast, divers found a RAF Bristol Beaufighter in 2007. Based on testimonies of fishermen, but also the inhabitants who had seen the events, this specific Beaufighter was shot down in 1943. […]

The “whispering death”: A Beaufighter shot down in 1943 found ...   Recently updated !

The Titanic is a shipwreck that has attracted the interest of the audience for over 100 years, since its sinking back in 1912. Few are aware though that her sister ship the Britannic, sunk during WW1 in the Aegean Sea, Greece, on November 21st, 1916, with the loss of 30 […]

Britannic: The… other Titanic, sunk on 21 November 1916, in ...

  The evacuation of  the BEF from mainland Greece towards Crete and Egypt is in full swing, during the last chaotic days of April 1941. A repetition of the Dunkirk operation on a smaller scale sees thousands of  allied soldiers fleeing the nazi advance in mainland Greece, following the capitulation […]

Found, salvaged and restored! A Blenheim shot down in Crete ...

War is not only the heroic images we see in the movies, the embellished narratives and the sterile depiction of historical reality. Wars are fought by everyday people, with feelings, thoughts, people that leave their peacetime occupation and immerse themselves in the atrocities of the battlefields, an experience from which […]

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It’s one of those events that remind us of a significant archaeological find, similar -in a sense- to the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt. A team of WW2 enthusiasts recently discovered and unearthed a Regelbau 506 type bunker which was built in March 1943. The bunker lay […]

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Fuckinazis in Athens
On 6 April 1941, Germany came to the aid of Italy and invaded Greece through Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. Greek and British Commonwealth troops fought back but were overwhelmed. On 20 April, after Greek resistance in the north had ceased, the Bulgarian Army entered Greek Thrace, without having fired a shot, […]

April 27, 1941: When the nazis entered Athens